01. A local father who was angry after losing custody of his children following his divorce has [kidnapped] the two children, and fled the country.
02. A rich businessman was [kidnapped] at gunpoint by four masked men.
03. The [kidnapping] of British diplomat James Cross by Quebec separatists was one of the most important events in Canadian history.
04. Hospital officials have increased security around the nursery following reports of a woman who was trying to [kidnap] a baby.
05. According to a newspaper article I read, most child [kidnappings] that occur are perpetrated by a divorced parent.
06. In my country, [kidnappings] of the rich are a common occurrence. Usually, the people are released unharmed after a ransom is paid.
07. The parents of the missing child are cooperating with the [kidnappers] in the hopes of getting their son back unharmed.
08. A local schoolgirl successfully fought off an attempted [kidnapper], and police are now looking for the man in the Fairfield area.
09. An American oil executive has been [kidnapped], and is being held by members of a terrorist group for a huge ransom.
10. The dead body of a leading politician [kidnapped] just days ago has been found in the trunk of a car.
11. Certain kinds of ants raid the nests of other ant tribes, kill the queen, and [kidnap] many of the workers, which then become their slaves.
12. The first modern [kidnapping] for ransom in the U.S. occurred on July 1, 1874, in Pennsylvania, when a four-year old boy was taken and held for $20,000 ransom.
13. The Greek armies united against Troy to recover Helen, the Queen of Sparta, who had been [kidnapped] by the Prince of Troy, in Homer's "The Iliad".
14. On March 16, 1985, [kidnapped] American journalist Terry Anderson was released after 2,454 days in captivity in Beirut.
15. Andy Warhol once claimed that being born is like being [kidnapped]. And then sold into slavery.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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